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How to calculate recipe cost using our FREE recipe cost calculator software:

how-to-calculate-recipe-costCan you answer this question? How much does each menu item cost including sub recipes and recipes?

When building menu items it’s important to get the true food cost in order to price your menu correctly. A common practice in the restaurant business is to take the total food cost of the menu multiply it by 3 and add 1.00 or 1.50 to it.

For example, a sandwich cost (1.25) take 1.25 x 3 = 3.75 + 1.50 = the selling price of 5.25

There are other factors to costing a recipe; however, this is a good start to figuring out your basic recipe cost. I created two sites to help those interested or already neck deep in the restaurant business.

The first site is a FREE recipe costing software to help those that are just getting started or are planning to open a restaurant. Allows you to quickly put together menu items and get the cost based on the food products purchased. You can also include things like packaging.

The second site is Kitchen Porter Tech for those that are already involved in the food industry and need more details. Kitchen Porter Tech provides; the ability to track sales, costs, and inventory for multiple restaurant locations, compare restaurant vendor pricing, create purchase orders, track restaurant inventory transfers between locations, calculate sub recipe cost, recipe cost, and menu cost using our menu engineering module.

It also has a built in catering module with credit card processing from Merchant Warehouse. Allowing restaurants and caterers to send orders and receive payments over the Internet. Another great feature included is a built in calendar to schedule restaurant employees in multiple locations, and track catering orders. Finally, Kitchen Porter Tech is integrating an accounting system powered by XERO. It’s accounting software for the restaurant industry.

Kitchen Porter Tech offers a FREE 30 day trial – No Credit Card Required!
To learn more about our Free Recipe Costing Software or Kitchen Porter Tech visit our websites or watch the videos below.


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Free Recipe Costing Software

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