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I don’t think I have to tell you how important it is to know your cost when preparing a recipe. Here is a tool my team and I developed to help figure out those costs. We want to make this the best FREE recipe costing tool with your help. Try our tool and post your suggestions. We want to hear from you! Click Here to start using our recipe costing tool. Make sure and participate by sharing your ideas on how we can improve this recipe costing tool!!!



Operators that know and review their cost regularly are more profitable than those that do not. This is just one of many financial parts not including the tools needed to run a profitable restaurant. For those of you following my blogs you know I’m working with Crepemaker and using them as my case study to make their stores more profitable through getting quality tools inexpensively, driving traffic using social media, and optimizing their website for the search engines. Right now they are using my online software application Kitchen Porter Tech to manage corporate stores as well as their franchisees. Our software tool in being integrated with their Point of Sale Systems to manage their inventory real-time. As items are sold, our software checks the recipes and reduces the recipe quantities from inventory. For a lot of new restaurant owners getting started or those that are already in business finding the costs to their recipes can make the difference in their bottom line; for this reason, I created this FREE recipe costing tool to use on my website. This tool can come in handy when writing your restaurant business plan to help evaluate your margins. This is just a tool to review recipe cost and should not be used for any business decisions concerning your business. Please read our disclaimer.

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